Managing My Cover

How do I update my personal details?

You can change your personal details like your address, contact numbers or email by logging in to the Members Section.  

Here, you can also:

  • Add or remove people on the policy
  • Change your payment method or frequency 

If you do not already have your online member services account set up, register now.  

You can download and complete the relevant forms if you would like to:

Can I suspend my cover?

You may be eligible to suspend your policy if you are travelling overseas or if you are experiencing significant financial difficulties. 

Suspension of Membership – for overseas travel

You won’t need to pay premiums during the period that you have suspended your cover for overseas travel with our approval and you will not receive any benefits. Click here for further details on going overseas. 

Suspension of Membership – for financial hardship

Our Fund Rules allow for members to receive a temporary period of financial relief if the member is unable to meet premium payments as a result of Financial Hardship.

All requests for suspension of cover need to be made in writing and are subject to our approval in writing.

What if I’m travelling overseas?

Your Private Health Insurance policy covers you in any State and Territory of Australia but not while you are overseas.

You may choose to suspend your policy due to overseas travel for anywhere between a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 12 months. During a suspension of your policy, you will not be covered by your suspended policy.

If you choose to suspend your cover, it is important to know that this period is considered as not having private hospital cover. For some higher income earners, this means the Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS) may apply. 

The following conditions apply to overseas travel suspension:

  • Members on Extras only cover cannot suspend their membership
  • Continuous cover must have been held for 12 months before you are able to suspend your cover
  • Your membership must be paid up until at least your day of departure or beyond. When your membership is paid in advance of your departure date, these funds will be credited to your membership upon resumption. 
  • Overseas suspension must be organised prior to your departure from Australia.
  • Members must notify Us of their return to Australia within 7 Days of arrival. A copy of written confirmation, flight ticket, boarding pass or passport confirming dates of departure from Australia and arrival back into Australia are required for reinstatement of membership.
  • Any waiting periods not served prior to departure will be applicable when the membership is reinstated.

Need some help?

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