We are for all

Our origins

Transport Health has a long history of serving the needs of Australians.  Transport Health traces its origins back to 1888 when the founding organisation was established to serve the interests of Melbourne Tramway workers.  Over the years, demand for our insurance products grew and in response we broadened the community served to include all areas of the Australian transport industry.

In 2014 Transport Health changed from a fund restricted to the transport industry to a fund open to all Australians eligible for health insurance. This now means that all Australians can benefit from Transport Health’s value for money products and our friendly efficient service.

The secret is out!

Since Transport Health was opened to the public at the end of 2014 it has grown by more than 50% as more and more Australians come to understand the Transport Health difference.

Anyone can join

Transport Health is now open to any Australian who is eligible for health insurance.

Transport Health Pty Ltd ABN 39 099 028 127 is a registered Health Benefits organisation.