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Hospital cover

Hospital cover is designed to assist you with the costs associated with going to hospital as a private patient.

In most cases, it covers you for up to 100% of the hospital facilities you use, including the ward, the bed, meals, theatre, treatments, equipment and care. It can also help you pay for doctors’ fees, prostheses, pharmaceutical fees and ambulance fees associated with going to hospital.

We have six levels of hospital cover:

Extras cover

Extras cover is designed to assist you with the costs of healthcare services and treatments (like dental, optical, physiotherapy, speech therapy, natural therapies, vaccines and more) that aren’t provided by a doctor in hospital. The amount you can get back depends on the level of cover you choose.

We have two levels of Extras cover, which you can mix-and-match with any of our hospital covers:

Why should I consider taking out private health insurance?

Peace of mind

Nobody has a crystal ball. Be prepared for whatever happens.

Avoid long waitlists

Receive elective medical treatment sooner rather than later.

Freedom to choose

Choose the doctor or surgeon who treats you in hospital.