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Healthscope update

Healthscope Hospital Group agreement
Healthscope Hospital Group agreement

We’ve secured a new agreement with Healthscope Hospital Group. There will be no change for members as Healthscope hospitals remain in our provider network. We’re keeping you informed about your cover.

Important update

We’re pleased to announce we’ve secured a new agreement with Healthscope Hospital Group.

On reaching this agreement, we’ve remained steadfast in our guiding principle of putting health before profit by keeping the cost of health services and premiums affordable and accessible to more members.

What does this mean for me?

Nothing will change.

Healthscope hospitals stay in our hospital provider network. You’ll have continued access to reduced gap treatment for hospital or medical services included in your cover at all Healthscope facilities across Australia.

There’s no change to the way you can access services at Healthscope facilities as part of your RT Health membership.

See a list of Healthscope hospitals

Further information and support 

If you have any questions about an upcoming admission or are seeking further information about the new agreement, please contact our team.

Email: enquiries@transporthealth.com.au

Call: 1300 806 808