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Rate Review 2022

Rate Review 2022

Premium Increase Freeze

It’s common for health cover premiums to increase on 1 April each year. This year, thanks to the recent merger between rt health and HCF, which resulted in Transport Health becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of HCF, our premium increase will be deferred until 1 November 2022. It’s all part of giving back to members some of the COVID-related claims savings the fund experienced over the past 12 months.

Although we are not increasing the cost of your cover at this time, if you claim the government rebate, there may be a small reduction in the amount you are eligible to receive. This will have the effect of increasing the amount you pay. We’ll know more about this in the coming weeks and we’ll let you know if the rebate is changing.



A quick guide to cover changes

Watch our quick video guide to explain the 1 April 2022 changes to your cover. Not all changes will apply to every member, so be sure to read your communication from us for the full details.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Should I expect a price increase in April?

We’ve decided to freeze premium increases until at least November this year. Thanks to the recent merger between rt health and HCF, your premium increase will be deferred until 1 November 2022. As a wholly owned subsidiary of HCF, Transport Health members will now also enjoy the benefits. Putting all premium increases on hold is just one way we’re supporting Transport Health members through a challenging time. Our members received communication about their product changes late in January.

The government has since announced there will be no changes to the Australian Government Rebate on private health insurance, so we can confirm the premium amount we’ve advised will apply from 1 April 2022. Some members may notice a slight variation (only a couple of cents) in the amount of rebate they receive. This is due to changes to the way rebate amounts are rounded.


My product name has changed. Why?

 From 1 April 2022 we’ll be changing the name of some products – this is part of simplifying our product range so we’re able to continue to provide you with the great value and service you expect from us. The name changes carry across all excess levels and Family Extension options. We’ve outlined these changes for you below.


Hospital products

Old Name

New Name

Gold Top Hospital

Gold Ultimate Hospital

Silver Plus Smart Choice Hospital No Pregnancy

Silver Plus Assure Hospital

Silver Plus Smart Choice Hospital and Extras

Silver Plus Advantage Hospital $700 Excess and Extras (please note this product is closed to new members)

Silver Plus Select Hospital with Excess

Gold Ultimate Hospital with $250 Excess

Silver Plus Select Hospital with Daily Excess

Gold Ultimate Hospital with $500 Excess

Bronze Plus Healthy Choice Hospital

Bronze Plus Classic Hospital $350 Excess

Bronze Plus First Choice Hospital and Extras

Bronze Plus Essential Hospital $700 Excess and Extras

Bronze Plus Young Singles/Couples Combined (closed product)

Bronze Plus Essential Hospital $350 Excess

Basic Plus Public Hospital

No change



Old Name

New Name

Top Extras

Deluxe Extras

Healthy Choice Extras

No change


If you currently pay an excess or have a Family Extension product, this will carry across to your new product name.


What if I’m booked in for a procedure or currently being treated?

No need to worry. If you’re impacted by an excess or product change for a treatment or procedure you are already booked in for,  please give us a call and we can let you know how we can help. Just give us a call on 1300 806 808 or reach out via email to enquiries@transporthealth.com.au and we’ll talk you through how we can help.


Can I still pay in advance?

Yes, you can make a payment before 1 April to lock in your current rate. You’re able to pay up to 12 months in advance at any time.


I’m paid in advance. What if my premium decreases?

We’re currently working to advance your ‘paid to’ date if you’ve paid your membership in advance. This means we’ll pay your membership forward in extras days, where applicable. We’ll be able to provide more information about this after 1 April 2022.


Can I pay online?

Absolutely. You can go to our website and log in to the Member Self Services portal. There, you’ll see an option to make a payment (on the left hand side).